Love Irish Members

At Couverture, we wear our Irish heritage like a badge of honour, and that's why we are proud members of Love Irish Food, an organisation that celebrates authentic Irish food and drink.

Trusted Logo

The Love Irish Food logo is a recognisable, comforting symbol for shoppers. It represents the mark of authentic Irish food and drink, and we wear it with immense pride. When you see this logo on our desserts, you can rest assured that you’re indulging in a mouthwatering treat, made with quality Irish ingredients.

Being part of Love Irish is a testament to our commitment to support local, delight our customers, and be a positive force in our community.

Celebrating Our Irish Roots

Love Irish believes that behind every great Irish product is a captivating home-grown story – and this absolutely rings true for us.

Couverture Desserts was born in Ireland in 1998 and we’re incredibly proud of our Irish roots – we couldn’t imagine being anywhere else!

Supporting Local

Supporting Love Irish and its members can make a real impact on businesses, the economy, and the preservation of Irish jobs. Our dedication to using locally sourced ingredients and collaborating with Irish suppliers aligns perfectly with the Love Irish mission.

Together, we contribute to nurturing a flourishing food and drink industry right here on the Emerald Isle.